Rubycomp P is microhybrid composite system which can be the photocurable applied in the posterior field.


Non stick to instruments

It has surface hardness is like real enamel

It has high intensity

It has a perfect consistence can be shaped/formed easily

It has high filler rate

It resists to chewing force

There is not discoloration after the polimeration.



4 gr in a syringe

4 gr in a syringe x 2

4 gr in a syringe x 4

Kit - 4,0 gr syringe x  6 pcs. , 5 ml RubyBond x 1 pcs. 3 ml RubyEtch x 1 pcs. and Accesoires

Shades – A1 – A2 – A3 – A3,5