RubyCompNano is radio opaque Nanohybride composite system which can be the photocurable applied in the anterior and posterior field. 


Universal Nano Composite 

It has ligt refection property like a normal 

tooth due to the nano fillers in it 

It has high filler rate 

It can be polished high with high degree 

It has high resistance to abrasion 

It provides ease of use 

Dual Shade kit of various shades


Shades – A1 – A2 – A3 – A3,5 – B1 – B2 – C1 – D3 – OA2 – Extra Bleach - Dentine A1/B1 - Dentine A2/B2 - Dentine A3/B3 - Enamel A1/B1 - Enamel A2/B2 - Enamel A3/B3 

4 gr in a syringe

4 gr in a syringe x 2

4 gr in a syringe x 4

Kit - 4,0 gr syringe x  6 pcs , 5 ml RubyBond x 1 pcs 3 ml RubyEtch x 1 pcs and Accessories